This is where all of NG's best music that he puts all his effort into is shown in public.

Music Style

NG's music style is a mixture of trap beats, and acoustic instruments. The production is inspired by NF's rap style, Reach Records' and RMG artists' trap. The mixture, is more effecient for listeners to be able to hear vocals. Like Aha Gazelle, NG likes singing in his songs, but also rapping Canon's rapid flow. Although sometimes hard to understand, NG delivers powerful messages about the Glory of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. While being to the point with his lyrics and flowy, he also brings a message of hope to sinners and those in need.

From NG's first two releases on SoundCloud, "Redemption", a fictional story of hope to unbelievers who think they are too far gone inspired by Derek Minor's "Homecoming", and "Thankful", his declaration of his allegiance to God after a car accident he was "supposed" to die in, inspired by Canon's "Grateful", NG is using his second chance from God, and the gift that God gave him for rapping, NG isn't stopping any time soon. The 14 year old rapper is coming with other rappers like FAR, one of NG's affiliates, and they are both determined to reach people.

NG is going to release his debut album, titled "Reality", in 8.24.19.


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